We're not 'just another agency' trying to ride the wave of interaction on the World Wide Web - we were there when it was merely a ripple, and we've stuck around. We're that good.



We take your whole bag of tricks – your key messages, your core values and your online and offline brand and find ways to seamlessly merge those assets into loyal, actionable consumer behaviour. We analyse and research, measure metrics, perform technical audits, glean competitive intelligence, design and execute flawlessly.


Your future brand ambassadors are out there and they’re looking for you. So what’s the harm in dropping a few breadcrumbs here and there to bring them home? Our search marketing team will drive traffic right to your door, helping your potential customers navigate through the maze of online clutter with strategic ad campaigns to achieve your marketing goals. We’ll analyze consumer behaviour, monitor your accounts, as well as modulate bids and positions. We'll keep such a close eye on you there’s a good chance we’ll be in your next family Christmas card photo. Seriously. Right next to the cat.


Deep Thoughts by Hooplah. Wouldn’t it make more sense if people’s eyes were on the top of their heads? That way, they could still see where they’re going as they walk and text. It’s worth considering – with one third of the planet owning mobile devices. And they’re not just LOL’ing and winking more than any actual human ever truly winks in a lifetime. They’re making very real consumer decisions instantaneously, multiple times a day. Our mobile search advertising campaigns are guaranteed to form instantaneous connections with your customers, and translate into measurable success.


With the presence of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, Pinterest, and more, it’s hard to imagine brands were ever able to connect in a meaningful way with traditional advertising alone. These days, it’s all about engagement and connecting people with people, not corporate entities. We do more than engage. We get aaaaaaall up in your target’s business. With our unique Social Media Identity Development tool, we’ll create social media activations that complement your overall digital marketing strategy, connecting you with the communities you want to reach and making you look cool doing it.


As one of the most powerful vehicles for generating brand and product awareness online, we’d be stupid not to be in bed with display advertising. And we’re not. Stupid, that is. No matter the format, our creativity and reach of billions of global monthly impressions will put you in the spotlight and create optimal engagement opportunities for your customers. And we’re connected out there. Not in a ‘help me bury a body’ kind of way, but we’ve got networks in high places.


It is no secret that online video advertising is one of the fastest growing advertising formats in the world. Many companies have rushed out to produce their own suite of videos but few know how to leverage them to generate an ROI. Facebook, YouTube and Google offer marketers the flexibility of using a commercial, or video developed specifically for the web. Instead of your video being tucked away in a corner of your website, we make sure we get your video in front of your target and toss that ghetto-blaster up on our shoulders and crank it to make an impact. What really seems to rock people’s world is that like other forms of RTB media advertisers are only charged when users interact with their videos.

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They're cutting edge brands, trend-setting, tried-and-true Canadian fixtures, connected communicators, edgy entertainers, impactful non-profits and more. They're basically that eclectic cool group you always wanted to be a part of. So grab your backpack and come on over.


We're a team of dedicated digital marketing specialists and we're pretty much obsessed with social media marketing - but not in a creepy way.



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